Signature Laser facial



Our Signature Laser facial corrects and prevents breakouts, rosacea, pigmentation and builds collagen deep within the skin.

Carbon Laser facial



Our Carbon Laser facial combines our Carbon lotion with the Signature Laser facial to exfoliate and deep clean. Perfect for oily, acne prone skin or if you're just looking for that extra glow!

Fractional Laser facial



Our Fractional Laser facial reveals healthy, radiant skin by targeting the surface layer, treating fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and texture.


Dull Skin:
+ Brightens skin by removing dead skin cells

Fine Lines & Wrinkles:
+ Plumps the skin by creating microchannels allowing Vitamin A serum to go deep within the skin promoting healthy collagen and elastin formation

Irregular Texture:
+ Smooths skin by targeting the damaged skin on the top layer of the skin
+ Creates microchannels allowing Vitamin A to smooth bumps and improve overall texture

Ultra Duo Laser facial



Rejuvenate and restore your healthiest skin ever. Our Ultra Duo Laser facial is our strongest, fastest and most effective facial that targets both layers of the skin at once.


Acne Scars & Post Inflammatory
Hyperpigmentation (PIH):

+ Reduces surface layer pigmentation as well as discoloration that lives deep within the skin

Dull Skin:
+ Brightens skin by building up heat deep within
the skin that stimulates collagen leading to bright, glowy skin
+ Removes dead skin cells

Fine Lines & Wrinkles:
+ Melts away damaged collagen by delivering heat into the skin + Stimulates new healthy collagen and elastin

Melasma & Sun Damage:
+ Reduces discoloration by breaking up unwanted pigment that lives both deep and at the surface of the skin
+ Combats damaging effects from free radicals
+ Diminishes appearance of stubborn brown patches and sun spots
+ Creates microchannels that allows our antioxidant serum to penetrate more effectively

+ Improves redness by reducing hypervascularity
+ Smooths out rough bumps

try our Enhancements

Neck & Chest $100
Signature or Fractional laser
Don’t neglect the décolleté. Our Neck & Chest treatment helps reverse aging skin. This enhancement will blend discoloration and sun spots, stimulate collagen and elastin giving your neck & chest the rejuvenation it needs.

Hands $50
Signature or Fractional laser
Correct and prevent your hands from aging. This enhancement will blend skin discoloration such as sunspots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen to make your skin healthier and more resilient.

Extra Pass $50
Signature laser
Designed for our repeat clients who are looking to intensify their Signature treatments. Why an additional pass? By increasing the amount and duration of energy delivered, results can be seen more quickly, and frequency may be reduced.

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Go get this facial. It takes no time at all, and the results last for weeks.


It only takes 15 minutes to emerge from Skin Laundry's doors with a new and improved complexion.

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