Who should not undergo a treatment?

Each of the following is a contraindication to our 15-Minute Laser & Light Facial. If you are uncertain about any of the below, please contact your Local Skin Laundry.


Light induced seizures

Please check with your neurologist if you are uncertain.


Active infection including open, non-healed cold sores

Inflammatory skin condition anywhere on the face, neck and/or chest such as a rash and/or dermatitis.


Photosensitizing medications tetracyclines, sulfonamides, oral retinoids

May be treated 7 days after you’re off antibiotic and 6 months after oral retinoids.


History of skin cancer on area being treated (requires MD clearance)

Requires medical clearance form. Please download here and consult your dermatologist.



May still have treatment if vitiligo has never been present on area being treated.


Botox/Fillers within previous 5 days


Non-Skin Laundry Laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or micro needling within 2 weeks


Any past systemic therapy with gold or silver 

Whether injection-based, intravenous or oral. 


Current sunburn on area being treated


Spray tan or self-tanning lotion on area being treated within 1 week


Other precautions and suggestions from our medical team

This section is for your information. If any of these apply you may still be treated.

These are not contraindications:

  • Those with history of cold sores should be aware that they may be triggered by heat/light and prophylactic anti-viral medication is recommended the day of treatment and for 24-hours after.
  • Those with known keloid scarring should be educated about their increased risk of keloid formation. Okay to treat, just avoid area of hypertrophic or keloid scar.
  • For bearded clients, its ideal to come in clean shaven or with only up to 2 days stubble, as we will avoid areas with facial hair growth.
  • Carbon enhancement not permitted during pregnancy.

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