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Erin S.

I have been going to skin laundry for two years now and my skin has made a complete transformation! When I turned 25 I got cystic acne. It was painful and really hurt my self esteem. I didn’t want to go out or barely leave my house for anything other than work. I tried so many products and medications but nothing was helping until I starting going to skin laundry consistently. The staff at the Scottsdale Quarter location are always amazing and make you feel beautiful in your skin. I am confident about my skin now more than ever! Honestly, life changing.

Skin Laundry
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Liza M.

I am a makeup artist. I’m in front of mirrors all day. Every day I was looking at my sun spots get darker and darker. It was frustrating. I was part of a skincare study for a well known brand for 3 years. I used the products religiously and although my skin was nice, the spots didn’t lighten much. I noticed they were getting darker and thicker also. I was wearing more makeup to cover them up and it was aging and my skin was getting really congested. A friend at work suggested I try Skin Laundry. I went in January last year and I noticed my skin was much smoother. Unfortunately the pandemic happened and I wasn’t able to go back until October. But I did once a week for 8 weeks, doing fractional light and then signature facials and I noticed a huge difference! I don’t dread looking in the mirror anymore and I can go out with no makeup or minimal makeup and not feel so self conscious. When I do wear makeup, the dark spots are easier to cover and the makeup goes on much more smoothly.

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Go get this facial. It takes no time at all, and the results last for weeks.


It only takes 15 minutes to emerge from Skin Laundry's doors with a new and improved complexion.

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