Healthy Skin with No Down Time

Founded by friends Dr Elson Lai and Chris Carey, Skin Laundry™ is a brand new “skin care” concept created around a refreshing, simple idea of “Healthy Skin with No Down Time.” We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful skin.

Think of Skin Laundry as a personal trainer for your face. Using Skin Laundry’s innovative laser technology, we are able to achieve maximum results by tightening and toning your skin in the shortest period of time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous, glowing complexion!

*Book your next skin workout now at or call 310-319-9400 for further information and skin screening requirements.

• Instantly cleans out your pores vaporizes bacteria, dirt & makeup residue
• Minimizes acne breakouts
• Instantly more radiant skin

• Minimizes pore size & breakouts
• Reduces pigmentation of acne scars & blemishes
• Reduce melasma
• Reverse the signs of sun damage & dull skin
• Reduces  fine lines & wrinkles
• Encourages collagen stimulation
• Helps to tighten skin